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Houston Home Dehumidifier Systems

Mold and dust mite allergens can be the cause of many breathing symptoms, especially for the allergic/asthmatic. High humidity causes mold and dust mites to multiply and thus is a priority focus for correction throughout the many places in the home these can grow.

Mold is often detectable to the naked eye (e.g., black spots on wood window frames, bathroom tiles, carpeting and walls). Other potential mold growth areas are in air conditioning coils, ventilation equipment, air exchanges, ductwork, and filter chases. Homes upgraded with premium energy efficient products, such as double pain windows and improved insulation, are designed to be airtight and can trap humidity, leading to mold growth in the areas of the home mentioned above.

At Aardvark A/C & Heating, we understand how excessive moisture effects your home and comfort. Here in Houston a whole-house dehumidifier is strongly recommended for a number of reasons. Proper moisture balance minimizes damage to your home and furnishings; dehumidifiers can help your family maintain good respiratory health; and drier air makes you feel colder than the actual thermostat setting. You can actually lower your cooling bill too while experiencing a more comfortable way of living, since dehumidified air feels cooler, lighter, and drier with shorter run times.

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