Questions To Ask When Buying A Furnace
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  • Questions To Ask When Buying A Furnace

Houston Home Furnace Buying Guide


When shopping for a major item like a new furnace it's very important to use a Houston Heating contractor who is familiar with the product and able to perform warranty work should the need ever arise. Just like an automobile, if you buy a Toyota you have it serviced by a Toyota dealer. The following is a list of important questions to ask when you are shopping for a furnace.

1. What type of furnace do I need?

2. Is my contractor trained on how to determine proper size?

3. What efficiency should I have?

4. Is the existing duct (supply and return) adequate?

5. Is my home too humid?

6. Do I want to reduce humidity or have precise control of my home’s humidity level?

7. Are there advantages to a continuous low speed fan?

8. Will my old thermostat work with a new furnace?

9. How often should I change or clean my filter?

10. What can I do as a homeowner to keep my furnace running at the highest efficiency possible?

Upgrading or replacing the unit with a high-efficiency model will provide substantial savings. If you are thinking about retrofitting your Houston home with a new high-efficiency furnace, you may want to speak to an energy efficiency advisor.

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