NATE HVAC Quality Circle Contractor Houston, TX
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  • NATE HVAC Quality Circle Contractor Houston, TX

NATE HVAC Quality Circle Contractor

nate quality circle contractor houston

Technical experience is very important to us at Aardvark A/C & Heating. Even though the State of Texas does not require any minimal level technical education for technicians, we go the extra mile to require within our company technical training and certification of all our technicians. With over 75% of our expert technicians NATE Certified, Aardvark A/C & Heating is a NATE Quality Circle Contractor. As a Nationally accepted standard of technical excellence, the NATE Certification guarantees that our staff have passed both a core and specialist certification test confirming their extensive knowledge of HVAC systems. Installation and service certifications are obtained in Specialties including air conditioning, air distribution, heat pumps & gas heating, and more. Our technicians maintain their NATE certifications by proving their technical expertise through testing every two years and completing regular NATE certified continuing education classes.

NATE partners with numerous industry associations including Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA), the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), and many more entities that trust the standards held by NATE.

Being a NATE Quality Circle Contractor allows Aardvark to provide the Houston area with the highest quality maintenance, repair and design services available. Our staff includes senior level technicians with years of experience. Call to speak with a certified technician today!

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