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  • A/C Not Working?

Solving your Problem Quickly

Your Air Conditioning or Heating System turns on, but something isn’t working right and you are uncomfortable.

These broken systems can be hard to put your finger on. They frequently have a wide variety of symptoms that may include one or more of the following:

  • Long run times, it just always runs
  • Hot and cold rooms, in the same season
  • Electric bills exceeding $250/mo in the air conditioning season
  • Breakdowns on a system less than 5 years old
  • Noisy start up or runtime
  • Bath towels take over a day to dry
  • Excessive dust throughout home
  • Stale or muggy areas within home
  • Frequent ceiling fan use

If you are experiencing only one of two of the listed symptoms, your home is older than 5 years old, and you don’t have hot or cold rooms – then you need...

An Aardvark A/C & Heating Single System Diagnostic:

One of our highly trained technicians will be promptly dispatched to your home to do a thorough diagnostic of your air conditioning or heating system. Not only will he determine what is preventing your system from operating, he will also determine why that breakdown occurred. His diagnosis holds a 100% fixed right parts and labor warranty when you repair both today’s problem and its root cause.

If you are experiencing several of the listed symptoms, your home is less than 5 years old, or you have hot or cold rooms – then you need...

An Aardvark A/C & Heating Home Diagnostic Evaluation:

Some problems are indicative of a design or home-wide problem. There isn’t one broken part, but a combination of issues that require a wider household diagnostic view of the air conditioning, heating, air distribution, return, and refrigerant systems unlike a single system diagnostic that only addresses one faulty subsystem.

One of our highly trained master level technicians will spend several hours completing advanced diagnostic testing of your entire home’s climate control system as well as discuss your family’s needs and issues with your current system. Not only will he determine what is preventing your system from operating, he will also determine why that breakdown occurred and present several solutions to address your concerns with your household comfort.

His diagnosis holds a minimum 100% fixed right parts and labor warranty with purchase of a packaged solution.

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