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Zone Control Systems

Aardvark AC & Heating specializes in installing, designing and servicing Zone Control Systems. These systems essentially divide the space within your home or office to allow for precise temperature control in different “zones,” without the use of additional equipment. These Zone Control Systems are controlled by multiple mechanical devices (depending on the duct design) and are operated by one sophisticated computer control system on your existing central HVAC system. If you have an older home, chances are you do not have a current Zone Control System in place.

In order to determine whether your home is in need of a Zone Control System, you can contact the certified technicians at Aardvark A/C & Heating to request an airflow/air balancing evaluation. Essentially, you need to find out how your home is currently distributing air from room to room, and from there develop a design plan to ensure proper temperature control. Aardvark AC & Heating specializes in air balancing evaluations and designing Zone Control Systems for efficient and even cooling and heating.

Installation of these systems frequently includes modifications to the air duct distribution system that is currently in place to achieve your desired results. It is highly possible that your original system was not designed with air zoning in mind, therefore needing the assistance of an Aardvark AC & Heating technician.

It is highly important that you have a Zone Control System that is not only up-to-date and running efficiently, but also designed correctly. By failing to have a correctly designed Zone Control System you run a high risk of equipment failure including but not limited to, compressor and electronics failure. Additionally, with incorrect designs you run the risk of having humidity issues that can cause organic growth.

At Aardvark AC & Heating all of our technicians go through trainings specific to air zoning to ensure we provide you with a seamless service. We are also NCI certified in both residential air balancing and zoning. Request a technician today to evaluate your home or office!

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