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Preventative A/C & Heating Maintenance

Preventative A/C & Heating MaintenanceRegular heating and air conditioning maintenance inspecting, cleaning, tuning, adjusting, and performing minor repairs due to wear. Maintenance is performed seasonally so that each section of your comfort system can be observed in its normal working conditions, once in the spring and again in the fall. When scheduling your seasonal maintenance, you will have two options:

  • Comprehensive Safety and Operational Inspection¬†

  • Clean, Check, and Tune (CCT)¬†

An inspection is a hands-off option that evaluates your system and points out problem areas that need action. In contrast, the CCT Tune up bundles together commonly needed active maintenance, such as cleaning, tuning, and adjustment, with a comprehensive operational and safety inspection. Some of the benefits of active preventive maintenance are reduced energy bills, minimal major breakdowns, increased household safety, and longer system life. To find out more about your options select from the list above.

Maintenance is necessary to fulfill warranty requirements. We do offer a special membership to those interested in regular maintenance called the Comfort Club. Membership is all-inclusive with no confusing levels.

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