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Total Home Evaluation

Total Home Air EvaluationAre you experiencing $400+ electric bills, frequent repairs/failures on a system that is less than 5 years old, or noticeable variances in comfort from one room-to-another and thought "I just know something isn't quite right"? These very uncomfortable problems are a household problem. To address these problems requires a wider view of the entire system through the use of a Total Home Evaluation and a very specialized set of skills and knowledge. Every Total Home Evaluation is performed by a Master Level technician that specializes in fixing these uncomfortable homes.

There is hope ...

Many have been searching for answers for years, fed up with their very uncomfortable home. They have tried many contractors with poor results. There is hope. Here at Aardvark A/C, we understand what causes these problems and focus training on these areas so that each master technician can correctly identify the unique set of conditions causing your situation and develop a comprehensive plan guaranteed to restore your home's comfort.

Did you say GUARANTEE?

Yes, each plan includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that we can solve your issues because this is what we do. For the last 20+ years we have been showing other homeowners like you how comfortable their homes can be. To date we have never had a problem we couldn't solve leaving a wake of very happy cy-fair area homeowners.

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