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What area of Houston do you service?
We primarily service the northwest area of Houston. We span westward to Fry Road, east to Kuyendahl, southward to the Katy Freeway, and north to 2920.
For more information please check out our Service Areas.
During what times can I schedule service?
Our earliest appointment slot starts at 8am and the latest starts at 3pm, Monday through Friday. We do offer emergency same day guarantee service for an additional fee. After hours emergency service is reserved for established customers in good standing. Comfort Club members have access to member’s only FlexHours appointments allowing evening (5-7pm) and Saturday (9-11am) appointments at no additional charge. We are closed on Sundays. Schedule online today
Are you closed on holidays?
Our Emergency Department stays open on Holidays for inconvenient break downs. This service is reserved for established customers in good standing. A holiday emergency fee will be charged for all non-Comfort Club members.
Do you do commercial work?
No, We specialize residential repair, design, and installation.
What are your service charges?
Service charges are dependent on many factors because we charge by the job not by the hour. Call us at 281-955-1163 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday for service charges..
When should I get my A/C checked up?
We recommend getting your system checked up twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Ideal weather conditions normally span from April 15 to May 31 for the spring and October 1 to November 15 for the fall. Check ups are provided year-around, weather permitting, for those interested.
Can I use my credit card to pay for service?
Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as exact cash and checks. Full payment is due before start of services. Technicians do not keep cash on their trucks and cannot make change.
When do I pay for services?
Full payment is due before start of services. All services are flat rate and do not change based on the length of time to complete them..
Do you offer financing?
On installations and large repair packages we offer many financing options including no money down and special financing. To learn more visit out Financing Application page.
Do you offer maintenance contracts?
Yes we offer yearly maintenance contracts. For details please call 281-955-1163 during office hours or visit our Comfort Care page.
How often should I replace my filters?
Different types of filtration media must be replaced or cleaned at different frequencies. We determine these frequencies based on actual in home performance tests and their effect on your systems reliability. Filter manufacturers base recommended replacement times for a specific set design conditions. However, system design varies dramatically based on region and climate patterns. For example, in the northeast systems are designed to operate most effectively in a cold snowy climate. They even use different components (such as boilers) to achieve this goal. In Houston our goals, systems, and design configurations are much different. Our replacement schedule is based on average replacement needs at Houston’s standard design conditions.
Acidize - When acid is used to remove mineral and iron deposits (scale) to restore heat transfer efficiency.
Air Balance Test - A test used to measure airflow across a tower or air handler system.
Air Balancing Hood - Measures airflow from grilles and diffusers.
Amp (Ampere) - The practical meter-kilogram-second unit of electric current that is equivalent to a flow of one coulomb per second or to the steady current produced by one volt applied across a resistance of one ohm
Amp/Ohm/Volt Meter -Measures motor amperage and voltage test control
ARI -Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

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