High Efficiency A/C & Heating

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  • High Electric Bills?

Reigning In Electric Costs

Your Air Conditioning or Heating System turns on, it works - but your electric bills are high, or at least higher than you want to pay. Even the lowest bills can frequently be reduced through a manner of different methods. You may also be experiencing several of the following uncomfortable symptoms:

  • Long run times, it just always runs
  • Hot and cold rooms, in the same season
  • Breakdowns on a system less than 5 years old
  • Noisy start up or runtime
  • Bath towels take over a day to dry
  • Excessive dust throughout home
  • Stale or muggy areas within home
  • Frequent ceiling fan use

Whether you are experiencing electric bills in excess of $200/mth or 1500kwh/mth during cooling season or you just want to upgrade to a more energy efficient home, you have come to the right place. True high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems are high performance systems. Aardvark A/C and Heating has been specializing in high performance, high efficiency systems for over 20 years. Before energy audits or multi-stage comfort were buzz words, we had been providing ★★★★★ results that people rave about. It is not uncommon for us to hear from our clients that we have cut their electric bill in half and “it’s so much more comfortable now”.

We Fix Uncomfortable Homes, and electric bills – daily.

If you don’t know the following, you don’t know high efficiency air conditioning and heating:

  • ACCA Manual D
  • ACCA Manual RS
  • ACCA Manual J
  • Test and Balance for Residential Systems
  • ASHRAE 62 Ventilation and Pressurization Standard
  • Envelope Analysis and Testing
  • BPI 1100 Standard
  • IECC 2012 Standard

Not all contractors are created equal and state licensing does not cover performance based testing training or knowledge testing.

If you are experiencing several of the listed symptoms, your home is less than 5 years old, or you have hot or cold rooms – then you need….

An Aardvark A/C & Heating Home Diagnostic Evaluation:

Some problems are indicative of a design or home-wide problem. There isn’t one broken part, but a combination of issues that require a wider household diagnostic view of the air conditioning, heating, air distribution, return, and refrigerant systems unlike a single system diagnostic that only addresses one faulty subsystem. One of our highly trained master level technicians will spend several hours completing advanced diagnostic testing of your entire home’s climate control system as well as discuss your family’s needs and issues with your current system. Not only will he determine what is preventing your system from operating, he will also determine why that breakdown occurred and present several solutions to address your concerns with your household comfort. His diagnosis holds a minimum 100% fixed right parts and labor warranty with purchase of a packaged solution.

If you are looking to improve your household energy efficiency, but are not experiencing any problems – then you need…

An Aardvark A/C Energy Audit:

Energy efficiency is a home-wide concern as each piece of the puzzle interlocks to total household energy consumption. One of our highly trained master level technicians will spend several hours completing advanced evaluative testing of your entire home’s climate control system as well as discuss your family’s needs and issues with your current system. Not only will he determine several areas where energy consumption can be reduced, we will also present several solutions to address your concerns with your household comfort. A wide variety of packages will be presented allowing a tiered approach to energy reduction for varying levels of budgets. Please have your last 12 months of electric bills available at time of your appointmen tso that your technician can get a concrete idea of your current energy usage.

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