Our family has dedicated over 30 years of providing the Montrose area of Houston with reasonable, easy to understand answers to your air conditioning and heating problems that others fail to fix by employing a total home approach to everything we do.

For no headaches service in the Montrose area, call Aardvark A/C now at 281-955-1163 or Schedule Online.

Offering the following services in the Montrose area:


Why Aardvark A/C & Heating?

How can we make you Comfortable?

My A/C or Heater won’t turn on. 
The last thing you want to do is to deal with a never ending string of repairs and guesses. We get you up and running and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

My A/C or Heater doesn’t work right.
You know something is wrong, and we understand why. Our extensive training and whole house approach have your Memorial home covered from the smallest to largest problems.

I have high electric bills. 
Air Conditioning contributes 70-80% of the average Memorial homeowner’s electric bill. We specialize in high performance homes that slash those bills.

My system needs maintenance. 
You know your Memorial HVAC system needs some TLC every year to keep it going strong. From inspections to our comprehensive Comfort Club maintenance program, we have a variety of maintenance solutions to fit your needs.