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Quality Installations starting your system out on the right foot.

AC Installations on the Right FootThoughtfulness drives our a/c installation standards. After we visit, we want you to relax not stress about foot prints on your white carpet, or whether your light bills will rise. In order to prevent your worry and anxiety we have taken precautions to make sure that your experience with us is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

In every installation you will receive standard:

  • A fully protected home. We use carpet runners and furniture protectors to keep your home clean. At the end of everyday we vacuum to make sure that we leave your home looking untouched.

  • A water over flow prevention system on the primary drain line from every newly installed evaporator coil to prevent unnecessary property damage

  • We only use 15% solder products to join our refrigerant lines, oversize filter/driers and complete evacuations. Silver solder helps eliminate refrigerant leaks and gives the longest trouble free life to your equipment.

  • Extra thick insulated cross-broken sheet metal for superior sound deadening and the best energy efficiency. Also it keeps sweating down.

  • Balancing dampers in most supply duct runs to change the quantity of air reaching the rooms. Cools the rooms more evenly and reduces air noises.

  • Triple sealed seams on all duct connections to reduce air losses.

  • We use manufacture’s methods to change the refrigerant correctly. Gives longest equipment life, best performance and efficiencies.

  • Our refrigerant recovery units satisfy federal clean air guidelines in order to protect the ozone layer and everyone’s health.

  • A certified start up performed on all systems giving you the assurance of a long lasting, reliable comfort system.

  • Customer training for all new equipment including but not limited to usage, familiarization, and maintenance needs.

We take pride in delivering in quality Houston air conditioning services every job, every time.

If you are looking for a Houston air conditioning installation contractor, please call us today at 281.955.1163 or complete our online service request form.

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